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Canadian based. Globally minded.

Before FLIK...

Two friends shared a dorm room, a Bubble Tea obsession, and a love for entrepreneurship. Brought together through Next36, a highly competitive Canadian entrepreneurship program for young leaders, Ravina Anand and Michelle Kwok spent many hours discussing the disconnect between traditional entrepreneurial goals and social-impact mindset in between rom-com movie marathons.


During those conversations, they came to a single conclusion; the women they admired were at the forefront of incredible innovations and social movements, but many of these figures stayed relatively unknown to the public.


And with that realization, an idea was born: the Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge, a place where women can share their stories, discover an invaluable network, and aspire to inspire.

Meet Our Team

Ravina C Anand

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Chief of everything that needs to get done, Ravina finds a way to see the big vision and waves her magic wand to make it happen. Still waiting on her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.

Michelle Kwok

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chief–Slam–Dunker: Will find a way to level the playing field by any means necessary. Could take on Kawhi anytime. Still waiting on the invitation to Camp Half-Blood.

Sakshi Shetty

Head of Strategic Innovation

Powerful. Determined. Passionate. Sakshi is not afraid to speak her honest mind. As a researcher and advocate for diversity and culture, she envisions the future while eating spicy food and playing Bollywood tunes. 

Katie Fitzgerald

Head of Digital

A global shifter who spends her time caring for others and creating socially driven digital content. 

Kiersay Murray

Head of Finance

A money handler who is immersed in the world of investment banking and fashion. While Kiersay enjoys her theme parties and living her best life, it is her NYC soul and boxing skills that take her to the next level. 

Hannah Geiser

Head of Storytelling

She could be an FBI agent, stand-up comedian, or spend a lifetime making hilarious political memes.

Samara Bell

Research and Outreach Coordinator 

Challah, bagels, and smoked salmon... Samara is the

caretaker who is constantly

advocating for positive global

impact and creating

meaningful connections 

across the globe.

Meet Our Creative in Residence