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(free for apprentices)

*During these uncertain times in COVID-19 we have suspended our payment roll out in which founders would typically pay an accessible annual fee to access the apprenticeship portal (Don't worry apprentices, FLIK will always be free for you to access experiential learning opportunities πŸ˜‡). These would be our typical rates, but we are looking to support as many women as possible during this time, so no need to pull out your wallets just yet! None of your current apprenticeships will be subject to the subscription fee!*

Since we have suspended this payment rollout, we ask all those who can support our mission to consider partnering with us through sponsorships or donating even $5 to keep us sustainable in elevating the women of FLIK, hailing from over 26 countries around the world. Every dollar counts and we are so grateful every day to connect with each and every one of you and have you represent our strong and engaged FLIK family. Feel free to donate here if you are able: and check out our sponsorship package here.

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