The Best Part of My 2020

To understate it, 2020 has been a real bummer. Being in Canada and being young enough to rely on my parents, I know I’m lucky. By chance, I got all these privileges and never have seen them as clearly as the last few months.

In March, I didn’t know what I was going to do in a month, much less this fall or beyond. School went online, then life totally changed. I suddenly had no routine, no stability. My job prospects for the summer and living situation for the fall went up in smoke.

I turned to FLIK to find something to do with all of this new time and began onboarding at Jiyubox. Working with Jessika, the founder, has been such an opportunity for me to learn and grow. On top of learning the foundational parts of content marketing, I learned to work remotely, manage my time, and meet deliverables. I’ve learned so much about the clean beauty industry, something I never could’ve learned in school.

With the BLM and racial equity movements happening, I helped with our statement and how we can commit to amplifying more BIPOC voices. We were able to discuss what it meant to be a brand that goes beyond performative action and how to enforce that in representation with our vendors and models.

I was able to execute one of my ideas, a blogpost highlighting black-owned clean beauty brands that helped me combine my passion for writing with helping others. Projects like these are why I’m studying business and planning to go into marketing - to do it better, more ethically, and to secure worldwide equity, not company-wide profits. It’s a big dream, but blog by blog and post by post, I’m committed to driving and inspiring equity.

Besides looking at things from the business side, I’ve also become a more conscious consumer, especially of beauty products. I am so much more informed and committed to sustainability and ethically made goods. I consider where the ingredients are harvested and processed, the impact on farming communities all over the world, how much water is required to make the products I’m using and more.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from Jessika and applied it to the work I do in extracurriculars, for school and just in the day to day of being a student. I feel so empowered to get things done and keep hustling towards my goals.

Having Jessika’s mentorship and this professional experience helped me land a paid internship in marketing. I get to continue doing what I love, learning and working with amazing female entrepreneurs.

I was sure this summer was a bust, that I’d be spending the foreseeable future unsure of what was next, but thanks to FLIK I not only have work experience, I have financial stability again.

I would highly, highly recommend FLIK to high school or college/university students and new grads. Three months goes by in a blink, and is just enough to turn your passion into a career.

For all of the theory based things we learn in school, getting to apply it in an environment with less pressure and more mentorship than a traditional job is such a fantastic way to learn. In my role, I’ve been able to contribute my work as well as my ideas, and be listened to.

I’m so excited to see where my next FLIK apprenticeship takes me, and grateful to Michelle & Ravina for creating something that is going to launch the careers and businesses of so many womxn.

Written By: Evelyn Ashworth

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