Cassandra Hui, Female Founder Ready to Fight COVID-19 - She Needs YOUR Help

Calling all womxn in STEM: Your genius can help fight COVID-19 right now (and yes, you will be doing it from your couch)

As we all adapt to the new normal, it’s important that we continue to bring you stories of hardworking women whose dedication to their field is making a real difference in people’s lives.

Students, are you bored sitting at home yet? It only takes two days to binge Love Is Blind, so I know the answer is yes.

Today we’re bringing you Cassandra Hui, a founder who is seeking your help right now to support the efforts of her business, Heal Mary, in its work to help people through the coronavirus crisis.

Heal Mary is a platform that uses natural processing language (NLP) to help regular people understand medical jargon, making it easier for patients and their families to make informed decisions when self-selecting and self-enrolling in clinical trials that could save their lives.

When both of her sisters were diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, after already watching their mother fight and win her own battle with the disease, Cassandra made it her personal mission to make information and access to clinical trials easier for both patients and caregivers. Heal Mary takes plain-English symptoms, conditions and diseases and provides a list of relevant ongoing clinical trials in a specific geographic area for patients and healthcare providers to explore together.

Right this second, the immediate need to provide support to patients, caregivers, families and healthcare practitioners is growing exponentially as the number of global COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

We all have a part to play.

For Cassandra and her team at Heal Mary, playing their part means connecting patients to COVID-19 clinical trials efficiently and safely while keeping them and healthcare workers safe. According to the WHO, there are 200 ongoing COVID-19 trials in the world right now, with 22 on Heal Mary’s database that are actively recruiting.

But right now, Heal Mary is looking for people who can use their knowledge and expertise to translate medical terms into plain English for users and develop the digital patient experience on Heal Mary’s online platform. Cassandra is looking for people who are flexible and excited to learn while giving back to humanity during this time of collective uncertainty.

Does that sound like you? Of course, it does - you’re a badass that doesn't need a university lecture hall to help you develop into the empathetic and driven professional that you are. With your help, Heal Mary can expand their bandwidth and affect more change.

We also know that some of the economic side effects of COVID-19 are impacting you as a young professional; summer co-op offers have been rescinded, job interviews are being postponed indefinitely, and layoffs are happening more and more each day. We are here to do our best to connect you with professional development and placement opportunities that are accessible during this time.

If you’re interested in the startup space, health care, tech, or really just finding a way that you can help out AND get professional work experience while sitting at home eating fistfuls of popcorn, consider reaching out to Cassandra through her profile on FLIK’s portal or any other amazing founders!

I’ll leave you with some words from Cassandra herself:

I believe in interactive mentorship. The best lessons I have learned were hands-on with people who mentored me by giving me opportunities to stretch and giving me feedback that would help me to better understand alternative ways of approaching problems. I would love to give that to someone who felt that they would get value from this type of learning.

Written by: Hannah Geiser

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