1. Sign up for an account, join the FLIK family, and start browsing! 

2. Submit a request to connect! 

3. If your request is accepted, Founder/Leader and Apprentice are connected via email by the FLIK team 

4. Hop on a call and discuss your potential apprenticeship - 10 hours or less a week for a 3 month term. 

5. Sign the contract! Send the contract back to FLIK for safekeeping and keep us in the loop.

6. Embark on a new journey to accelerate your career trajectory. 

Schedule a call with us if you need help!

Why should I join?

  • Founders / Leaders get helping hands on their businesses accelerating their growth, receive early access to verified, diverse, ambitious talent passionate about their company's values and mission, and FLIK does all the vetting for you!

  • Apprentices have the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience, skills training, mentorship with industry experts in a meaningful way, and access to top networks. On top of that you could add this on your LinkedIn/Resume and get a potential reference letter!

What does the process look like?

  • After signing on to the portal, founders & leaders get access to ambitious talent, while apprentices discover diverse businesses and gain experience in an industry they love.

  • Both sides are able to browse, request, and choose their own opportunities. When you both submit a request and match, FLIK will send you an email to connect you both and the apprenticeship can begin!

  • Apprentices understand they are not entitled to a wage as they derive value through mentorship, training, experience, skills, exposure, and personal growth. An apprentice's school may offer compensation or credit; there may be gov't subsidies; this is up to the apprentice to secure. However, this is a mentorship-first program.

What is the commitment? 

  • Apprentices train to earn skills 10 hours or less a week for a 3 month term in a meaningful project under an established leader, with weekly or bi-weekly check ins with the leader.

  • Apprentices can join the program even if they have a job or are in school, this is a flexible and accessible program that can be done remotely or in-person (up to mutual agreement).

  • Founders / Leaders can take on more than one apprentice at a time if they can handle managing and mentoring them all regularly. (Max 3 at a time or consult the FLIK team)

What kind of people are already part of the FLIK Portal community?


  • Founders & Leaders in tech, AI, digital marketing, sports media, human resources, fashion, sustainability, amongst a diverse set of other industries. 

  • Apprentices with degrees in CS, business, medical science, psychology, political science, marketing, etc. are all signing up from universities across 25+ countries.

  • Apprentices from top global universities including Stanford, Duke, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Oxford, UChicago, U of T, UBC, Western University and many more. 

What happens when the 3 months is up?

  • As an apprentice, you may leave with improved skills, meaningful advice, a letter of recommendation, and new connections necessary for your success in your dream industry! You may also be given the opportunity after your apprenticeship is complete to be hired. 

  • As a founder, you can provide a letter of recommendation, connect your apprentice with another opportunity or decide if you would like to hire the apprentice yourself! 

What if I'm not a founder but still want to be involved?


  • If you’re not a female founder, but think you’re an amazing leader in a cool space, fill out a profile and we’ll chat! You could still be a great fit for our program.






Your role is to learn from your founder and the assigned project.



Challenge yourself by testing new knowledge, practicing skills, and trying new ideas.




Be an active listener and engage in meaningful conversations that will help you and your founder develop new, innovative ideas.






Your role is to explore your vision, create plan, and execute it into reality.



Provide feedback and guidance to your apprentice so she can test new knowledge, practice her skills, and try new ideas.



Understand the apprentice's goals and vision for the length of the term. Support her in any way you can.

Sample Projects.

FLIK Apprentices are incredibly diverse in skills and talents. Founders and apprentices can develop a meaningful project together for the term. Here are some samples.

Please email team@weareflik.com with any questions.

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