The Library is a resource for you to find some inspiring female-run businesses and projects that are causing change and making waves in society. Scroll down to find some amazing resources!


Tech Ladies

Hire Tech Ladies connects you with the best jobs and opportunities in tech. It’s a wide community with over 50,000 members and large enterprise reach. They place amazing women in some of the most progressive companies today like slack, Etsy, Giphy, Warby Parker and more.

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Blume gives us girls the TOP line of self-care products to get us through thick and thin. Blume, like us, is steadfast on creating a community of emboldened girls who own and celebrate themselves. They’ve got everything you need! Gentle paraben-free face wash and aluminum-free deodorant, to essential oils for PMS, to pads and tampons made from organic cotton, Blume is always providing you with the best essentials.

Refinery 29

The modern woman’s guide to how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. Refinery 29 is a female-focused destination showing modern women how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. You can read about anything from breaking entertainment news, fashion tips, health, work & money, food & drinks, and more!


Refinery 29 is run by purpose-driven women paving the way for modern journalism.

Frank and Oak

Get personally styled monthly for an affordable price and with ethically sourced, beautiful clothing!

3 easy steps to getting ba-yoot-ifully styled without even leaving your home!

Not only that, but Frank and Oak sends you ethically sources, sustainably made, amazing clothing that fits YOUR style. If you don’t like it, no problem. Just send it back! No charge no harm. Every box is personalized to YOU.  Gone are the days of going to the mall and regretting half your purchases that just happened to all be final sale.


Try Frank and Oak! It might just be the styling solution for you.


Accurately track your fertility cycle so it’s one less thing you have to think about!

Kindara is a mostly female-powered company coming out of Boulder, Colorado. It is an app built for women who want to track their fertility cycles to get pregnant as well as avoid pregnancy.


It tracks your body’s data, helping you better understand your body and provide answers to elusive questions you may have.


On point sports news written by women for women.


GIST provides sports news, experiences and a community created by women, for women. Star female athletes like Serena Williams, Hope Solo, and Ronda Rousey are for the first time international sports icons. Not only are women’s sports on the rise, but women WORKING IN sports are rising. Becky Hammon was the first coach ever in the NBA, Kelly Krauskopf the first assistant GM of the NBA, this is the time for women to flip the script in this industry.


As the industry is shifting, those who report on it must also shift. Sports and sports talk can be incredibly exclusionary and women often feel left out of sports conversations and the overall community.


GIST is here to change that.


Hilarious news satire for funny females like you! Ever looking for some more entertainment in your life? Tired of all the clickbait headlines?

Reductress is the site for you.


They are a feminist news satire site that always leave you wanting more. They publish satirical advice columns, news stories, confessionals, profiles, usually paired with a classic stock photo. Already in love? I know.

If you’ve heard of The Onion, this site is like that and more.

House of Anesi 

The world’s first adaptable bra. 


House of Anesi has integrated innovative design, technical fabrics, and aerospace engineering to bring YOU the first bra of its kind. They are here for women, to help them feel comfortable, strong, and positive about being in their own skin.


The bra adapts up to 2 cups and 2 band sizes to fit your ever-changing boobs and bodies no matter what.


Be confident. Be comfortable. Be Anesi.


The platform that will lead you to your dream career.

Landit is a new approach to fulfilling your dream career as a woman. This app-based guide gives you access to experts, tools, and resources, giving you a personalized analysis whenever you need it. They help you polish your personal brand, keep track of accomplishments, build your personal board of advisors, find curated opportunities among many other features!


Check them out and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your POWERFUL POTENTIAL!

The Wing

Chic spaces to gather ambitious women across the globe.


The Wing advances women by gathering them together in a chic, welcoming work space. It is a growing community of women across the globe who gather together to work, connect, and thrive.


They also align themselves with non-profits through partnerships and a scholarship program that offers free memberships to women whose work supports the advancement of marginalized women and girls.


Sisterly advice for even the most sensitive subjects.

Ever needed sisterly advice, but was missing a sister to get it from? Confi is the spot to get expert-approved tips on sensitive health topics like sex health, mental health, drugs, etc. Confi empowers young women to be CONFIdent in themselves, their bodies, and their relationships through providing information in a non-judgmental manner.

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