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The phenomenal females of today inspiring the maiden mavericks of tomorrow.


Don’t just double tap our passion projects– support them. 


Fenoms empower other women to make their projects a reality. Whether it’s by funding the project by any amount, donating time or a skill set to the initiative, or simply promoting the project through your personal network, #FenomInvest is a space where women can share their passion projects with a community that supports them with the same passion.


Projects listed have been verified by FLIK.  

Real projects. Phenomenal women. Incredible Impact.

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What you do.

Who you are working with. 

Why you do it.

Is it network? Specific network demographic, (ex. 17 - 24 y/o women in Toronto) Is it funding? Be specific with a goal amount, and why you need that amount. Is it a skillset or mentorship? Be clear in your ask. Ex. I need a graphic designer for a website or a videographer for an event.

This is your community. Your platform. Ask for what you need.

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