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What are apprenticeships?


Apprenticeships are a mentorship-first experience, where the apprentice is not obligated to a wage as she derives value from mentorship, experience, skills, training, opportunity and personal growth. Our legal team has written a secure contract for this specific reason so it is important  you keep us in the loop.

Can apprentices do this while in school or working? 


Apprenticeships are meant to be accessible and a chance to gain experience while living your best life! You are definitely encouraged to be in school or working part-time while completing a 3-month apprenticeship, 10 hours or less a week!


What countries are eligible to participate? 


As long as you can access Wi-Fi at times, spend as much time as you want on the FLIK portal regardless of where you are in the world! We are here to expand your opportunities and enhance your career no matter where you are. 


Can I match with people outside of where I live? 


YES! It is probably easier to do most of your apprenticeship remotely via zoom or Google Hangouts anyways so that you don’t have to waste time with transportation. Keep in mind that if you are in the same area, it will be fun and really meaningful to meet up in person sometimes!

Can a founder take on more than one apprentice at a time? 


Yes! As much as you think you can handle! Sometimes, apprentices work better in teams, so it is totally up to you. If there are just too many great options, why choose? Of course, be within reason and we will be here along the way to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Why have I not been approved yet?  


First, make sure that your profile is complete. Only complete profiles will be reviewed for approval. We want to make sure everything is running smoothly and you are ready to go for your journey as part of the FLIK community. To maintain our standards, approval can take up to 48 hours! If you still have not been approved, send us an email at team@weareflik.com there may be an issue with your profile.


Why am I still in the queue even though I’ve been allowed to browse? 


Log out of your account and log back in! If you still have problems, email us a team@weareflik.com


Why haven’t I received any emails yet? 


Check your spam or junk mail and make sure you mark us as NOT SPAM.

Creating a Profile

What should I include in my bio? 


Founders / Leaders: What you’re good at, what your company is all about, why you’re passionate about it, just whatever makes you YOU as a businesswoman and a great person!


Apprentices: What you’re passionate about, any interesting experiences you’ve had, what you’re looking for from a mentor/apprenticeship, and anything that showcases the amazing young woman you are.


How do I build a good resume? 


Think of it as a one-page resume in 3 steps:


1. White space - format well, don’t have too much white space

2. Headers - understandable sections, can I read your sections and know what you’re about? (i.e. Work Experience, Volunteer, Leadership…)

3. Content - explain what you did, what your impact was, what you learned. Keep the points concise, don’t write too much

(Shout out to our friend Kroeker for these tips)

Before your Apprenticeship


How can I edit my profile?


If you would like to make changes to your profile, please send an email to michelle@weareflik.com with the following in the Subject Line: “Profile edit - [your name - your email]”. 


Need help finding a good match? Stressing about something? 


WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Set up a call so we can figure out what you’re looking for and how FLIK can be of best help to you. Schedule a meeting with Michelle: https://calendly.com/michellekwok/15min


Please keep us updated throughout the process. SEND US BACK THE SIGNED CONTRACT and keep us looped into your apprenticeship timeline so we can track accountability and help you whenever you need it. It’s hard for us to give you the resources you’ll need if we aren’t kept up to date. Feel free to share your timeline with us on Google docs at team@wewareflik.com It’s key, especially for the apprentice, to take initiative on looping the FLIK team in with the contract, tracking work and hours, so we ensure you are gaining value.


You should set up a monthly call with us anyhow to keep us updated on your progress!


I don’t see any founders or leaders that are in my area of interest on the platform. 


If you have feedback and suggestions of who you would like to see as part of the FLIK community, please email team@weareflik.com


How many requests can I make? 


You can make up to 7 open requests at a time.


I want to make a request to someone that lives in a different city. Do you have to be in the same city as the founder? 


Depending on your project or initiative, you can be remote or within the city. Being remote and using Zoom or Google Hangouts for check-ins is usually easiest for both sides. If you're in the same city try to meet up in-person occasionally! This will amplify the value of the apprenticeship.


The apprenticeship allows you to establish requirements and needs on both ends. Depending on your agreed upon apprenticeship arrangement, you could be working in completely different time zones and that’s ok! As long as it works for you and you’re checking in weekly/regularly.

Once a request is accepted, does this solidify and guarantee the apprenticeship? 

No, the accept request allows you to connect and discuss the potential opportunity and project. Not every request will move on to a confirmed apprenticeship as you should ensure culture-fit and needs first! Once you have discussed, you can move onto finalizing the apprenticeship. You can always go on the portal and check out the ever expanding list of founders and apprentices!

During your apprenticeship

How should we approach the apprenticeship? 


The FLIK team will first set the founder and apprentice up via email with a bunch of resources, but we also ask that you share your progress with us as you go via email (share your timeline google docs with us team@weareflik.com) and schedule a monthly call with us: https://calendly.com/michellekwok/15min


You should have weekly check-ins with your founder/leader, but this may vary based on schedule and that’s totally fine. Make sure you’re still tracking your work and your deliverables so that if you ever need a reference or look back on your skills and what you learned, it’s super easy!


Decide at the beginning what your schedule is going to look like, how often you’ll meet, and whether that will be online or in-person. It’s super easy to complete the apprenticeship online, but you should also occasionally meet in person if you’re in the same area.


We want to ensure you have the best experience with FLIK! If you need anything email us anytime.