The objective of the FLIK Ambassador Program is to bring together an on-campus community to mobilize social impact. The Ambassadors, known as “Fenoms” (because y’all are phenomenal), have the role of creating monthly Impact Initiatives. Doing so entails identifying a cause (local or global) they want to support and planning/implementing an events in light of this.


More specifically, Fenoms will highlight areas they want to drive impact in and then brainstorm ways in which they can be translated into events. The type of event created can range from a social media campaign (i.e. an instagram takeover by students) to an in-person initiative (a resume workshop, a speaker-series, a clothing swap, an organized yoga/workout class).


The goal of these Impact Initiatives, in addition to stimulating impact, is to connect student-bodies to FLIK and to grow its presence on campus. By joining the FLIK family, Fenoms will have the opportunity to expand their entrepreneurial skill set through project autonomy and connect with a vast professional network along with a cross-Canada community of Fenoms.

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