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Connect with driven
female talent

Each leader and potential apprentice in our Portal is verified by our team so you can find some of the most talented and driven women from around the world excited to pursue projects in software development to marketing to engineering and everything in between. It is suggested that Apprentices volunteer for what FLIK suggested to be 10 hours or less a week for a 3 month term in one of your meaningful projects to gain meaningful 1-1 mentorship, resume-enhancing skills, and exposure to incredible support with weekly or bi-weekly check ins. As a leader, FLIK suggests taking up to a maximum of 3 confirmed matches simultaneously every 3 month term. Start dates are up to you both!

Network with fellow
female leaders

The FLIK Portal is a hub for ambitious women and female leaders of all stages to connect, share advice, and build a community that values the progress of female entrepreneurship. You will have an exclusive discussion board in the FLIK Leaders’ Hub just for female leaders to connect.

Grow your business and become a better leader

Get access to discounted foundational resources (Stripe, Airtable, etc.) to decrease your burn rate, pitch competitions, one-on-one office hours with VCs +angels, investor roundtables, first-looks at survey data, and more. We are building content, resources and experiences that leverage data and community to give our leaders a competitive edge.

The Details

Flik Portal

After signing on to the Portal, both potential apprentices and female leaders are able to browse, network, and request their own opportunities. The FLIK portal also holds exclusive content, networking opportunities with fellow female leaders, and more for you to explore. When an apprentice and leader submits a request and matches, FLIK will send you an email to connect you both! Get a look into the Portal here.

The Details


Every apprentice and female leader is verified by our team. Find out what we are looking for in our verification criteria. Verified apprentices are typically individuals looking to make a career transition, have a full-time or part-time job, are recent graduates or students enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or professional program. Learning never stops so you’ll find apprentices from all walks of life!

The Details

& Mentorship

Once matched with an apprentice, FLIK will provide suggested resources for your mentorship experience that both you and the apprentice create together.

Meet some apprentices in our community!


After completing my apprenticeship and gaining new skills, I received a job with a health technology startup. I can safely say FLIK was a catalyst to my experiences and a spike in my confidence through experiential learning.


“I used to be scared of networking, but FLIK pushed me out of my comfort zone and got rid of that fear. It actually helped me build confidence, connected me with women who encouraged me to hone my skills, and paved new paths for me on my UX journey. Earlier this month, I got accepted into Microsoft’s LEAP Apprenticeship Program for UX Design and looking back, I would not be here today if not for the people I met on my FLIK journey.”


“I am happy to announce that through these apprenticeships, I have landed a job! Through FLIK I was introduced to opportunities I never saw possible given my educational background in kinesiology. This platform was the difference maker in kick starting my career. I encourage those looking for a challenge and meaningful work experience to sign up. I’m so happy I found FLIK and I’m excited for what the future holds.”


“For 3 months as a User Acquisition Strategist, I not only acquired organizational and marketing skills but also encouraged self-care/career advice from the incredible founder Sophie. As a result, utilizing the knowledge, advice, and skills from Sophie, an empowering female founder, I attained new opportunities and an internship offer from JP Morgan Chase & Co.”

Product Manager Apprentice

“My thoughts about my career have changed. I think I want to start a company for myself in the future. Seeing someone else do it and being directly involved in inner leadership has been so cool and eye-opening.”

Outreach Apprentice

“I am so happy I found FLIK - such a great initiative. FLIK helped me in my moment of most need. I came to Canada for university and have been looking for a way to work in social entrepreneurship and impact. When I found FLIK, I knew I had to be a part of it. This is such a precious resource - I can’t thank you and your team enough.”

Business Development Apprentice

“Unreal experience. I took theoretical knowledge I've learned at school, then had a mind-shifting moment of doing it at this startup. It's unreal to be bridging my theoretical and practical learning.”

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