Our mission is to advance economic participation and accelerate women-led ventures globally.

Currently, less than 1 in 5 global businesses are owned by women. FLIK is here to change that. Our tangible solution: a portal allowing ambitious females to take on an apprenticeship under a female founder/leader. Female leaders scale their businesses with helping hands, mentor the next generation, and have the opportunity to recruit amazing talent. Apprentices are exposed to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, earn practical skills, and gain the experience they need to narrate their trajectories to success.

Through exclusive FLIK interviews, the stories of visionary women across the world will incite the next wave of change-making entrepreneurs.

The FLIK Effect

Rooted in values of humility, compassion, freedom, curiosity, and courage, FLIK aims to diminish inequities which will increase prospering women-led ventures globally. FLIK provides a space for female-identifying humans to learn about one another, develop meaningful relationships, discover unique pathways, and collaborate to create a social legacy of change-making leaders.


Our thesis is the following: The glass ceiling will never be shattered until women have the same access to innovators, leaders, creatives, and athletes to look up to.


By sharing the untold stories of phenomenal women and connecting young females to established founders, we are creating a support system that emboldens women to achieve what they never thought was possible before. Founders, CEOs, leaders, here you will look into the future to see the woman you will become.

How Does FLIK Work?

FLIK is a community hub where young, ambitious women can discover phenomenal females working towards social impact and explore assets to help support their own initiatives and ideas. Through our female founder & apprenticeship portal, video library of exclusive FLIK interviews, curated list of resources, and supportive community, young women will feel emboldened to narrate their own trajectory to success.

How Do You Fit Into Our Great Mission?

The truth is that you were always a piece of this puzzle. From the moment you came into this world, your every thought, word, and action rippled into the life of your family and friends.


Today, we amplify our voices into an echo of the raw power of all women, everywhere.


“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

Malala Yousafzai

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