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Lauren Rosenthal
Founder of Birdie

“We’re so grateful to FLIK for giving us the opportunity to onboard wonderful talent, then have that initial knowledge transfer to ramp up into an eventual full-time role. Working with our apprentices has been so phenomenal.”

Deepika Phakke
Google Manager & Founder of Ethically Inc.

“FLIK could be the next LinkedIn for women. It’s absolutely game changing and I love it so much.”

Paulina Cameron

"I love FLIK. Thanks to FLIK, we have supercharged our team and boosted our capacity at a critical growth stage. The enthusiasm, dedication, and skills that each apprentice brings not only helps our work and impact, but also brings a serious dose of energy and fun."

Cassandra Hui
Founder of Heal Mary

What I find most fascinating about the talent we have seen from the FLIK platform is the connections we have with student apprentices globally. Working with life sciences and medical students world wide in different time zones with very different perspectives is what is helping us shape our technology which connects patients to medicine, treatment and therapeutics globally.

Gesche Haas
Founder of Dreamers & Doers

We weren’t in the market for an apprentice at the time…but given the glowing endorsement of FLIK by our members, we signed up - and we are so happy we did! Javan joined us as an apprentice and it’s been game-changing, especially during the craziness of our rebrand. Our deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to Javan who has absolutely wowed us with her dedication and abilities. She’s added so much value from day 1 and we hired her straight after.