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FLIK uses an inclusive definition of “womxn” and “female”, and we welcome transwomxn, genderqueer womxn, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female or womxn.


The Female Founder / Apprenticeship Portal connects female founders/leaders and students from universities across the world via meaningful apprenticeships. Founders and leaders have access to verified, ambitious talent, helping scale their businesses quickly. Apprentices gain experience in an industry they love, skills training, and mentorship under an established female leader training 10 hours a week (or less) over 3 months with weekly or bi-weekly check-ins. Apprentices understand they are not entitled to a wage as this is a mentorship-first program. You can take on an apprenticeship even if you have a job or are in school! FLIK offers an accessible program that can be mutually agreed to be either remote or in-person, it's up to you! After the 3 month apprenticeship contract expires, you may be hired or work on finding a new match. Accelerate your career and jumpstart your company here!

Note*: The FLIK Portal is free for apprentices, so that you can all have access to experiential learning opportunities!

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for founders & leaders

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Need help with social media? Events? Copywriting? Anything at all? Our apprentices are all incredibly talented and ready to hit the ground running on any project. Get the support you need with diverse talent by your side for 3 months at a time!

(Max 3 apprentices at a time)

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You get early access to candidates who immediately have hands-on understanding of your business! Find your perfect culture fit right here at FLIK! Everyone in this community is ambitious and keen to make a difference. Your next puzzle piece hire could be a verified FLIK apprentice.

Build a powerful network of female founders

As a part of the FLIK portal, you can get email-matched for a "bizz blind date" with another amazing female leader in the FLIK community. After you fill in your profile, simply email us if you want to be included in the monthly matching!
You will be matched on preferred location, skills, and industries, so be sure to update your FLIK Profile!

for apprentices

Gain experience and practical skills in your dream industry

Here, you can think outside the box! Go train with a founder in your dream industry. Have gaps to fill in your resume? FLIK is the perfect place to finally get those skills secured. While you're living your best life, in school or work, you also have the opportunity to gain practical experience that will set you up for success in your career! As this is a mentorship-first program you are not entitled to a wage, but you can get college credit if you choose to apply with your school.

Build a powerful



Train with a meaningful mentor, retaining a relationship for years to come, get to know their network, and get introductions necessary to breakthrough in your dream industry. No more one-time connections. Beyond the founders, you get to share resources and learn from other FLIK apprentices through our LinkedIn Apprentice Hub. Join us!

Be inspired by badass mentors


Here, you have access to exclusive FLIK interviews with amazing women from across the world. Learn from their career journeys, personal stories, and how each milestone set them up for a unique trajectory to success. Join our LinkedIn Community specifically for FLIK apprentices to get inspired and learn from your peers! You can also request a dream founder that you'd like to connect with and we'll do our best to make it happen. 

Note*: The FLIK Portal is free for apprentices, so that you can all have access to experiential learning opportunities!

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We are a welcoming space where individuals of all backgrounds and definitions come together to learn and grow from one another. FLIK celebrates the diverse narratives of everyone who joins our community to increase womxn-led ventures.

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"We’re so grateful to FLIK for giving us the opportunity to onboard wonderful talent, then have that initial knowledge transfer to ramp up into an eventual full-time role. Working with our apprentices has been so phenomenal. Our developer asked if Catherine would drop out of Duke University to work with us (haha), but I know she shouldn’t. And Kelly, is a mini-me - she is at UMich in Industrial & Operations Engineering, which was my undergrad! Thanks for this amazing community!"


—  Lauren Rosenthal, Founder of Birdie

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